Whilst working as a yoga teacher in Brisbane I would sometimes have pregnant ladies come to my classes and I didn’t always feel very confident teaching them. Other than what I’d read online I knew very little about what postures were safe and which felt good and so I decided to complete a pregnancy yoga teacher training with Bliss Baby in Byron Bay.


I thought it would be an interesting course where I would learn some sequencing and meet some new friends, but I didn’t expect it to be the journey it turned out to be. I knew yoga during pregnancy would be relaxing and soothing but I didn’t appreciate the positive impact it can have on labour and the journey into new motherhood. I was really excited and talked about my experience with anyone who would listen!


I began teaching more and more pregnancy yoga and some birth preparation. When I became pregnant myself the following year I knew yoga would be my best friend and I really looked forward to the classes I attended. I continued teaching throughout and I think my pregnant students enjoyed being taught by someone who could completely relate to their situation!


I also went to an Active Birth course and a workshop with my partner. I learnt how to prepare my body and mind for birth by incorporating elements of yoga such as upright positions, breathing and vocalisation. I had a beautiful, empowering birth and knew straight away that I wanted to share Active Birth with other pregnant women. I went on to train as an Active Birth teacher with Janet Balaskas, the founder of Active Birth, along with her inspiring team of wise women. Based in Stroud, I am now teaching Active Birth and pre and post-natal yoga in the Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire region and beyond.

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