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Carys, Owen and William

In July 2017 I was expecting my first baby! I was very lucky and had a lovely smooth pregnancy. I took an active birthing class, read some books and got a hypnobirthing cd to listen to at bed time. It all clicked straight away, lying flat on your back to push out a baby now seemed the silliest thing!... so I stayed calm, active and purposely ignored all of the negative horror stories people always insist on telling first time mums! I finished work a month before my due date to relax and enjoy myself... the midwives had other plans and I ended up receiving 6 (yes, 6!!) membrane sweeps over the course of the month.... I got 12 days overdue and was booked in to be induced on Friday 28th July. We turned up at the hospital with lots of snacks, funny films on the iPad and fun music to listen to. After being monitored, the midwife noticed I was actually having contractions every few minutes. I hadn’t even noticed! So thankfully they let me continue naturally. We laughed while watching comedy on the iPad and I bounced on the yoga ball while listening to old RnB music.... while the contractions grew stronger and closer together throughout the day. I was so happy i didn’t need to be induced. My partner was great, he had a few jobs - passing me the gas and air, making sure I ate and drank, carrying all the bags and reminding me to go to the loo! At 5cm I was allowed in the pool which I highly recommend to everyone! It was the most amazing pain relief, it’s hard to believe when you’re pregnant but it really saved me from having medication! I got to 9cm in the pool with just gas and air but unfortunately had to be rushed in for an emergency c section as my baby’s heart rate got very low (he had tangled his cord and lay on it!). The c section for me was ok as I just wanted him out and well, for my other half it was more traumatic as he was pushed to one side etc. William was born healthy and strong at 5.24am on 29th July 2017. Some people say “oh you had a tough time with the c section” but I felt so empowered, in control and weirdly enjoyed it up to the 9cm mark. It’s the most natural thing for a woman to do and I was so impressed with my strength and humour throughout the day.