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Lucy, Mike and Oliver

Week 30 panic hit me and I wasn’t sure I wanted a baby anymore! I definitely didn’t want the labour! I chose to try an active birth class and I’m sooo glad I did. It completely flipped my mindset from terrified to empowered! So after a morning of Boxing Day sales shopping I had an edge of crankiness not unusual for my 2 day overdue self. I wasn’t really expecting to have a baby in my arms in 6 hours. Boxing Day.....my husbands only sacred day of the year! Cricket and beer.....no room for hospital trips and babies! I started to feel pretty tired and cranky and just a bit achy so I decided to have a lie down and watch a few episodes of a show I liked, this was lunch time on Boxing Day. My contractions started pretty close together from the start. I wasn’t sure if they were contractions as I didn’t think it was enough pain but the episodes came every 3 minutes so I called the hospital. Hang tight this could go on for hours they said, yep fair enough that’s what I’d learnt too. But I was not feeling great! I rushed to the bathroom to be sick. Ok maybe that was an actual contraction then if it made me vomit? So I called my friend who was going to take the dog and I told my husband! I think I spent about 20 minutes in the paddling pool with a rehydration ice block before the next time I vomited, having what felt like contractions every 2 ish minutes. I started to think that maybe I should make my way to the hospital as I could just tell this wasn’t going to take long! The car journey was quite stressful and we had to stop to pick up water and gator aid as we forgot the cool box that was neatly packed and ready to make it’s way to the hospital. I did vomit again in the car but luckily being Boxing Day we had no traffic. I spent maybe 20-30 min in an assessment room- this was the worst part of my labour, I was hot I was cold I was agitated and I was 4cm dilated, I was pretty happy about that! I was taken down to the delivery suite and just knew I wanted to be in the shower. I hopped on a ball and got my head rested on the shower wall while my husband held one shower head at my back with the other pouring water over my head. It didn’t feel like long but I was in that position for maybe 1.5 hours. Panic struck and I was sure I couldn’t do it (transition phase!) luckily I was ready for this having learnt it in my active birth yoga classes. The midwife checked how dilated I was, also recognising the signs of panic- I was 9 centremetres and my waters broke at that moment too, it was time to hop out the shower and get into action! All of a sudden the need to grunt came over me and I was completely unable to stop it! Every contraction came straight after the last and I just needed to grunt and push- it was completely innate. I knew I didn’t want to be on my back so I tried all fours. My midwife was worried Bub wasn’t moving quick enough and his heart rate had dropped so we decided to just get it done and I lay on my side with my husband holding my leg mid air. There was a moment between contractions that I was offered to feel his head, ok that’s pretty small I thought, I can do this what I later learnt was it was only a small portion of his head but it was an amazing part of my labour. A couple of pushes after that and he was out and on me (covered in his own poop and with a much bigger than expected head!) I’m so grateful for my labour. I’m so grateful I was mentally prepared and expecting of everything that happened to me.